Chiropractic Care in Fort Lee, NJ

When you come to Ishitani Chiropractic in Fort Lee, NJ, for general chiropractic therapy, we’ll use a combination of hands-on techniques and equipment to treat any neuromusculoskeletal symptoms you’re experiencing that may be related to misalignment of the spine. At our clinic, we work with clients affected by a variety of health-related issues, including chronic back pain and injuries incurred through automobile accidents or while playing sports.

Our operating hours are designed to be convenient, and we make early morning, early evening, and Saturday appointment times available. We understand that every client we treat faces unique challenges, so we offer treatment plans that are customized to your specific goals.

Caring Chiropractors

At Ishitani Chiropractic, your well-being and satisfaction are our two highest priorities. The general chiropractic care we offer may be a viable alternative to surgery and pharmaceutical symptom management for many people. Contact our Fort Lee office today to find out more about what we may be able to do for you.


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